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Boutique Payment GATEWAY

Our sole focus is card payments for websites. We provide the accounts, checkout facilities, payment methods and currency exchange support to ensure that our merchants capture more value from each website transaction.

Payment Gateway

Our Payment Gateway allows you to log into your merchant account, view all of your transactions, issue refunds, view payment analytics and edit fraud prevention settings.

Pay by link
Provide your customers with a link, that they can click and pay instantly
Pay by Invoice
Send invoices to your clients with our checkout link directly from the Payment
Online Checkout
Integrate our payment methods by server to server, Payment Widget or web redirect
Mobile Checkout
Add our Payment Checkout to your App (iOS, Android and Windows)
Virtual Terminal
Take payments over the telephone and enter directly into the payment gateway for processing

Accepted Payment Methods

Below is only a selection of the payment methods our platform accepts. Please contact us regarding the options we can provide.

Payment Security

Payment Gateway that’s fully PCI DSS Level 1 certified and is a member of the PCI Initiative. Our data recovery sites and two active redundant data centres make sure that our clients have a highly secure and resilient payment service with 99.99% availability.

We offer peace of mind for payment providers focused on industries that need specialised risk checks or those that simply want additional layers of security, offers simple and rapid routing to nearly two dozen fraud prevention providers. In addition, with Fraud Preventer on Demand, we will quickly connect to any third party provider not yet in our network.

Fraud Prevention’s internal risk offering includes more than 120 risk checks, easily configured within our user interface, the Business Intelligence Platform. For an even simpler solution, our payment experts have devised OneClickSafe, three bundled fraud prevention options – smart, advanced, and excellent – that can be selected or changed with just one click. Some of our more popular individual internal fraud prevention options include:

  • 3D Secure
  • Alternative Payment Method
  • Selection
  • Black and whitelisting
  • Geo IP location checks
  • Velocity checks
  • Device fingerprinting
Exceptional Service

We believe that personal service makes all the difference. That’s why each merchant partnering with us receives a dedicated and knowledgeable account manager. Think of them as your personal navigator, guiding you through every aspect of your payment journey.

Behind the Quaife name, you’ll find a team of real people, eager to assist you and your business. No matter the size of your enterprise, we welcome open and honest conversations. We are here to support you every step of the way. We are sensitive to the individual needs of each online business and pride ourselves in offering a highly specialised service. 


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Should you be interested in becoming a merchant, then please fill out the short form below and one of our specialists will be in touch shortly.


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