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Start your online Business Account for your business

With Quaife Business accounts you can send and receive funds from your very own online Payment Account all in the name of your business.

Grow your business with an online business account

Online Business Accounts with no fuss

Level up your business by opening an online business account with Quaife. Accounts access within 24 hours enabling to send and receive payments in GBP and EUR. (other currencies available on request).

Accounts in GBP & EUR

Other currencies coming soon...

SEPA and Faster Payments

Also send and receive in CHAPS and BACS. SWIFT coming soon

Transfer funds between accounts

Move funds between accounts including multi-currency

Single Payments

One-off payments to and from your account

Save Beneficiaries

Set up and manage your regular account beneficiaries

Batch Payments

Set up and manage 1000 batch payments and payment schedules

Easy account access

Access Anywhere

Manage your business account in a way that works for you. Whether it's on your phone or your computer.

Filter Transactions

View a statement for your accounts and filter your transactions in a number of different ways, allowing you to easily view different types of transactions and amounts within a set date range.

Easy Downloads

Download your latest or historic statements whenever you like for your own records.

Onboarding is easy

With our simple 3 step onboarding, we will have you up and running in no time. We do everything online to minimise the need for lengthy documents and contracts and can have you all set up within 24 hours of your application.


Quaife sends
electronic contract

No need to print out lots of paper, we complete all contracts electronically. Just sign digitally and send it back.

Submit company
docs and ID

We need a few company documents and some identification to complete the mandatory checks.

You're up and running within 24 hours

It's really that simple to start business account with Quaife

Payment Types

Select Currency

Faster Payments

Faster Payments Service (FPS) provides an easy to use infrastructure, developed to create a near real-time 24/7 payment service.

Send and receive payments of up to £250,000, instantly.



CHAPS is an automated payment system, enabling Quaife customers to make same-day payments within the UK, on a Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) basis provided valid payment instructions are received before 17:00.

CHAPS can be used for very large payment amounts with the certainty of settlement.

We use a simple and easy to understand pricing structure

Outgoing Transfers

We use both GBP and EUR payment systems for our outgoing transfers and there is a flat rate per transaction.
£3.00 + 0.25% per transaction
£25.00 + 0.25% per transaction

Incoming Transfers

We use both GBP and EUR payment systems for our incoming transfers and there is a flat rate per transaction.
£3.00 + 0.25% per transaction
£25.00 + 0.25% per transaction

Internal Account Transfers

Interal transfers between Quaife accounts is offered as part of our payment services and incurs no additional costs.

You can transfer
between accounts
with different currencies

Currency exchange between your Quaife accounts is an automatic process. The settlement times vary depending on currency payment cut-off times.

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